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icon DiamondCursorKeyBindingDict
  key binding dictionary for diamond cursor (Cocoa application only)
Current Version: 1.0
Release Date: 2006-10-20
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or later
Language: -
License: Freeware
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DiamondCursorKeyBindingDict contains a key binding dictionary (DefaultKeyBinding.dict) which allows you to use diamond cursor (Ward Star like key binding) in the text view of Cocoa applications. It does not affect Carbon applications such as Finder.


  1. Drag the DefaultKeyBinding.dict to the folder ~/Library/KeyBindings. Create the new one, when there is no KeyBindings folder in the Library folder,
  2. Launch Terminal and type follows:
    defaults write -g NSQuotedKeystrokeBinding -string "^p"
    then enter return key (NSQuotedKeystrokeBinding is assigned to ^q with default).
Re-launch the Cocoa applications to use diamond cursor.


  1. Change the name of DefaultKeyBinding.dict in the KeyBindings folder or move DefaultKeyBinding.dict to the other location.
  2. Launch Terminal and type follows:
    defaults delete -g NSQuotedKeystrokeBinding
    then enter return key.
Re-launch the Cocoa applications to use the system default key binding (emacs).

Key Binding

input control codecontrol+P
move backward control+S
move forward control+D
move upcontrol+E
move downcontrol+X
move word left control+A
move word rightcontrol+F
move to beginning of linecontrol+Q control+S
move to end of linecontrol+Q control+D
move to beginning of documentcontrol+Q control+R
move to end of documentcontrol+Q control+C
scroll line upcontrol+W
scroll line downcontrol+Z
scroll page upcontrol+R
scroll page downcontrol+C
delete backwardcontrol+H
delete forward control+G
delete word backwardcontrol+T
insert newline control+M

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