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Version History

  • bug fixed: could not progress from the splash window when launch unregistered copy on OS X Mavericks.
  • bug fixed: could not progress from password input when password has been specified on OS X Mavericks.
  • the last tab is selected and today's diary shown in it when a window created if tab mode is daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • deprecated APIs corrected.
  • bug fixed: crash when executing "Revert to Saved" under certain condition
  • bug fixed: number of tabs not saved under certain condition.
  • bug fixed: exception raised when executing "Save" with a new article display.
  • bug fixed: deleting history items not saved under certain condition.
  • bug fixed: could not complete save command on PowerPC Mac (write to files successfully but error alert shown and document dirty status not cleared because save method returns 'fail' value).
  • scripting: article's property file added.
  • scripting: property path (POSIX path) for document and article added.
  • scripting: print command supported.
  • scripting: export, import, find, find multiple, replace, replace all, replace multiple commands added.
  • error handling of file operation made strict
  • bug fixed: edited content lost depending upon condition when moving to other article without saving.
  • bug fixed: edited title or keywords lost when browse, save, switch window, quit operation performed without not ending edit.
  • bug fixed: undo cleared when moving to other article with putting focus at tile or keywords field.
  • bug fixed: memory leaks occurred when closing tabs.
  • bug fixed: undo cleared when entering keyword using keywords popup button.
  • bug fixed: scripting: value of current article for the new article is invalid
  • bug fixed: could not open "Change Diary++X Data Folder Location" panel (Lion).
  • phrase search and boolean search added to searching articles and smart bookmark.
  • bug fixed: Not AND searches when multiple search terms specified in searching articles.
  • bug fixed: could not launch on the case-sensitive Mac OS Extended format.
  • bug fixed: crash when quit with multiple tabs.
  • background color of the calendar changed.
  • regular expression library changed from Oniguruma to RegexKitLite.
  • regular expression replace syntax changed from &, \n to $n.
  • memory leaks corrected.
  • zip archive creation fail at version 1.1, release correct archive as version 1.1.1 (no changes except version number)
  • 64-bit code added.
  • auto saving function added.
  • sort key of article list saved and restored.
  • limitation of the name of bookmark, smart bookmark and bookmark folder added for scripting. It must contain no colon (:) nor slash (/) and must be unique at the hierarchy.
  • changed to the unique name when the same name bookmark already exists as drag & drop operation.
  • new version of regular expression library (oniguruma.framework)
  • on-line help updated.
  • bug fixed: the same name chapters can create while different case such as "Test" and "TEst"
  • bug fixed: scripting: effective object specifier not returned when execute command "make new article"
  • bug fixed: back/forward button's menu not worked
  • bug fixed: background color of the day on the calendar does not change when diary exists (Snow Leopard).
  • Automator actions added.
  • title and keywords output added when exporting and printing
  • exporting & printing options "Add article's title", "Add article's keywords" added to Preferences > Import & Export
  • scripting: can specify category with path
  • scripting: article elements added to category
  • scripting: property "current selected category" added to document
  • bug fixed: "loading..." panel does not dismiss at launching when Spaces used.
  • bug fixed: calendar's day of week is not correct (Leopard, Snow Leopard Chinese's region)
  • bug fixed: year and month string is not correct on calendar and category list (Snow Leopard; Japan, Chinese, Korean regions).
  • bug fixed: not responds to changing "First day of week" on System Preferences > Language & Text > Format.
  • bug fixed: scripting: an error occurred when executing script set text contents of theArticle to "string"
  • DppDataConv: deprecated APIs changed to new APIs at version 1.0.1
  • keywords and creation date fileds added to articles list.
  • font size for lists option added to the preferences Advanced tab.
  • scripting: category object added.
  • scripting: now can access any article's text without using open text contents, close text contents commands.
  • scripting: inhibit move article operation.
  • bug fixed: unexpected browsing occure when sort direction changed.
  • bug fixed: services menu item text not localized in Japanese.
  • bug fixed: not work select button on the link sheet.
  • bug fixed: not work add-on sample toupper.
  • bug fixed: favorite phrases item does not save when content set up only by drag & drop
  • bug fixed: some tool tips and menu item text not localized in Japane
  • bug fixed: category list items sorted when header clicked.
  • bug fixde: page display retain when undo after make new page command
  • bug fixed: does not work prev/next article command while current article not saved.
  • bug fixed: incorrect enable control prev/next article command while current article not saved.
  • "Purchasing License" button on the Registration tab of the prefrences panel added.
  • bug fixed: crash when open "Customize Toolbar" sheet (on Leoard).
  • regular version
1.0b102009-04-12(not released)
  • Tools menu added.
  • make scriptable application.
  • "move tab to new window" and "merge all windows" command added.
  • favorite phrases items menu added.
  • tab selection menu items moved to window menu.
  • bookmarks and history in the drawer moved to main window.
  • short cuts of "close window", "close all windows", "close tab", "close other tabs" menu items changed as same as Safari.
  • diary items in the category list now display right for any calendar.
  • maximum recent items can customize
  • print with text view width.
  • bug fixed: crash when link sheet closed
  • bug fixed: illegal drag and drop operation on the outline view (on Leoard)
  • bug fixed: document not dirty when keywords changed (on Leoard)
  • bug fixed: crash when execute "export selected articles" with web arichive format (on Leoard)
  • bug fixed: illegal text encoding when execute export operation with plain text format.
  • bug fixed: cannot launch on the Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5)
  • "Open Selected Articles in Tabs" command added.
  • Now, Favorite Phrases Panel accepts the first mouse click.
  • some contexutual menus added: "Open in Tabs", "Set Keywords", "Set Color Lables" on the article list and "Show Article Title as Tab Label", "Tab Mode" on Tabs.
  • Launch time is shorter than previous version.
  • bug fixed: cannot search using regular expression on the intel Mac.
  • bug fixed: crash when undo some text processing command such as Shift paragraph etc.
  • spotlight API changed from NSMetadataQuery to MDQuery.
  • tab bar changed (Camino).
  • tab bar option settings added.
  • can display title of article as tab bar lable.
  • tab browse menu items added for key board short cut.
  • recent keywords editting and removing recent find/replace strings (Preferences > Others).
  • tab view mode button removed from tab bar.
  • "Tab mode" item added to View menu and tool bar items.
  • lazy creation of history menu items for browsing performance.
  • collapsing a pane in a split view by dobule clicking the split bar.
  • number input fields changed. increment/decremet operation by cursor up/down key in.
  • color label and recent keywords buttons changed.
  • desired password option when launching added.
  • hide data folder option added.
  • can specify data folder location.
  • can edit recent keywords
  • delete recent find/replace string
  • history list now can be sortable.
  • the default toolbar items changed.
  • font size and row height of lists changed.
  • predicate of title changed.
  • icon added to history menu items
  • "Show Ruler" short cut changed.
  • bug fixed: correct memory leaks
  • bug fixed: edited title or keywords lost
  • bug fixed: cannot delete history items
  • bug fixed: history menu items are not correct
  • bug fixed: toolbar items not updated when bookmark selected.
  • bug fixed: English edition does not operate
  • undo for title and keywords field changed
  • contextural menu "Copy" and "View in Finder" at article list added.
  • bug fixed: title does't show at some conditions
  • bug fixed: book mark to memo does't work at some conditions
  • bug fixed: no correct week day of clendar for some region
  • bug fixed: scroll bar of list view and bookmark view
  • bug fixed: keywords input from recent keywords
  • calendar view can display multiple months
  • gray back groud color of days in calendar view when diary
  • show specified date calendar command added.
  • date display format with the locale and calendar
  • search articles by selected text command added.
  • article titile display added to search result
  • Diary++X now can recoginze a folder alias at /Library/Application Support/Diary++X to store data in the othe place.
  • bug fixed: match position display (bold) error in search results list
  • bug fixed: cannot move items in the bookmark list to a lower folder
  • bug fixed: cannot set keywords when copy & paste and/or drag & drop text
  • bug fixed: cannot sort by title at search articles result list
  • bug fixed: split size not saved
  • bug fixed: cannot close an information sheet for an article
  • regular expression
  • new search range option "Other" added
  • color label
  • new commands which change the content of the article list
  • short date format in the article list
  • calendar browse menu
  • icons of diary, memo, bookmark changed
  • selected range auto saving
  • "Rebuild Diary Notebook" added.
  • bug fixed: the window does not show when Diary++X is a log in item
  • text search function added.
  • search scopes and search history added to toolbar item "Search articles"
  • customized link panel added.
  • can insert link to an article dragging article from article list
  • drawer contained bookmarks list and history list added.
  • system service added.
  • Favorite phrases panel added.
  • recent keyword popup button added.
  • can change keywords for selected articles
  • stationary for diary and memo
  • detect date change
  • tool bar items added.
  • bug fixed: crash when browsing after delete articles
  • bug fixed: cannot execute "Custumize Toolbar" after browsing
  • bug fixed: cannot set default tab intervals
  • bug fixed: memory leaks
1.0b12006-07-01initial release

Last updated: 2013-10-27

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