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icon AmOpenUsingCMX
  opens the items using one of the pre-registered applications from contextual menu
Current Version: 2.0.1
Release Date: 2007-09-15 (UB) / 2006-11-24 (PPC)
System Requirements:
Universal Binary(UB) version: Mac OS X 10.4 or later (intel Mac or PowerPC Mac) *
PowerPC(PPC) version: Mac OS X 10.1 or later (PowerPC Mac only)
Language: Japanese, English
License: Freeware
File Size: 40 KB >> Download UB version / 27 KB >> Download PPC version

* does not work on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later. please refere to Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Compatibility List.

contextual menu sample


AmOpenUsingCMX is a contextual menu plugin, which allows you to open the selected items on Finder using one of the pre-registered applications from contextual menu. It is similar to Finder built-in contextual menu "Open With". You can choose an application simply from registered applications for such as text and image file.

You can use AmOpenUsingCMX, for example, to open a certain text editor document with another editor, to launch an AppleScript droplet and so on.

To register an application for the plugin, you just make the alias of the application in "App_Aliases" folder.

Refer to Contextual Menu Plugins for Mac OS X how to install a plugin etc.

Version History

2.0.1 (UB) 2007-09
  • Unlversal Binary regular version
2.0.1 (PPC)
2.0.1b1 (UB)
  • bug fixed: folder alias ~/Library/Preferences/ not recognized.
2.0d1 (UB) 2006-02
  • Universal Binary version released.
2.0 (PPC) 2005-09
  • porting from CodeWarrior to Xcode and rewrite all.
  • bug fixed: fall in loop if there is an alias of parent folder in App_Alias folder or its sub folder
1.2.1 (PPC) 2005-04
  • upgrade Panther compatibility
  • bug fixed: illegal menu display
1.2 (PPC) 2005-03
  • application icon display mode added
  • show all registered application mode added
  • bug fixed: never show CFBundleTypeRole None application item
1.1 (PPC) 2005-02
  • AmOpenUsingCMX recognizes application self and alias of folder contains applications in App_Aliases folder
  • multiple applications can be selectable while "Add Applications"
  • bug fixed: error occurred when first use
1.0 (PPC) 2002-12initial release

Last updated: 2009-08-29

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