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Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Compatibility List

Below is a list of my softwares and their compatibility status with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

OK: apps work fine
NG: apps do not work

(UB): ppc, i386 universal binary version
(PPC): PowerPC version
(CBN): classic PPC app with Carbon

NameVersioncompatibility statuscommentschedulesubstitute
CharConvX2.1 (UB)OKNeeds setting on System Prefereces > Services--
CocoaCatX2.0 (UB)OK--
Diary++2.8.2 (CBN)OKNeeds Rosetta--
Diary++X1.0.2 (UB)OK--
drop-split1.0.1 (PPC)OKNeeds Rosetta *1--
DupScan2.4 (UB)OK*1--
PboardPeeker1.0 (PPC)OKNeeds Rosetta--
SortServicesX1.0 (UB)OKNeeds setting on System Prefereces > Services--
Th-MakerX2.3 (UB)OK --
Zap Resource Forks.action1.1 (UB)NG >> OK*2v1.2-
AmCommentCMX2.1 (UB)NG*3can't
AmCopyPathCMX2.1 (UB)NG*3can'tGet File Path Automator Action
AmCopyPathCMX2.0 (UB)NG*3can't
AmDeleteDS_StoreCMX2.0 (UB)NG*3can't
AmFileDateCMX2.0 (UB)NG*3can't
AmFileOwnerCMX2.0 (UB)NG*3can't
AmFileSizeCMX2.0 (UB)NG*3can't
AmFileTypeCMX2.0 (UB)NG*3can't
AmOpenUsingCMX2.0 (UB)NG*3can't
AmScriptFileCMX2.0 (UB)NG*3can't
AmScriptsCMX2.0 (UB)NG*3can't
AmSetFileTypeCMX2.0 (UB)NG*3can't
AmSwapForksCMX2.0 (UB)NG*3can't
AmTouchCMX2.0 (UB)NG*3can'tTouch Files Automator Action
AmVisibilityCMX2.0 (UB)NG*3can't
AmZapForksCMX2.0 (UB)NG*3can'tZap Resource Forks Automator Action

*1 file size display differents to Finder's one because Finder changes definition of KB, MB, GB.
*2 work when you launch Automator at 32bit mode.
*3 64bit Cocoa applications have not support contextual menu plugin. Finder is running with 64bit mode on Snow Leopard of 64bit intel CPU Mac, all contextual menu plugins cannot use. Note that 32bit applications still support contextual menu plugin.

Last updated: 2009-09-28

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