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What's contextual menu plugin?

A contextual menu plugin adds one or more menu items into contextual menu, which is shown when you click mouse button with pressing control key or 'right' click (if you use two buttons mouse).

System Requirements etc.

System Requirements
Universal Binary(UB) version *: Mac OS X 10.4 or later (Leopard compatible, intel Mac or PowerPC Mac)
PowerPC(PPC) version: Mac OS X 10.1 or later (Leopard compatible, PowerPC Mac only)
Language Japanese, English
License Freeware
* Universal Binary version: some plugins can use on Mac OS X 10.2/10.3 or later (intel Mac or PowerPC Mac)
* does not work on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later. Please refere to the column "Substitute (Snow Leopard)" of the Plugin List for substitutes for the some plugins.

Snow Leopard (64 bit Cocoa) does not support contexual menu plugins

Apple removed support for contextual menu plugins in 64 bit Cocoa (from Leopard) and replaced it with services items on Snow Leopard (contextual menu contains services items). Even if the contextual menu plug-in is 64 bit, the applications will not load it.

Almost all Apple applications shipping with Snow Leopard run 64 bit by default, including Finder, so your contextual menu plugins will not work. 32 bit Cocoa still support contextual menu plugins on Snow Leopard.

Note that you should enable services items at System Preferences Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Services to use services items on Snow Leopard.


Dobule click archive file (.zip file) or drop it to StuffIt Expander to unarchive it if need. You should drag the plugin package (it has .plugin extension) into either of following folders:
~/Library/Contextual Menu Items
/Library/Contextual Menu Items

Then you should re-login to use the plugin.

Install the plugin at folder "~/Library/Contextual Menu Items" if you want to use the pulugin only for you. For all of users, install the plugin at folder "/Library/Contextual Menu Items".

Make a new folder with name "Contextual Menu Items" at "Library" folder using Finder command "New Folder" if there is no "Contextual Menu Items" folder in the "Library" folder.

When AmFileSizeCMX is installed inside the folder "~/Library/Contextual Menu Items", it becomes as follows:

install location
The plugin's icon differs depending on the version of Mac OS X.


Re-login after moving the plugin from "Contextual Menu Items" folder to the other place (such as desktop or trash).

Plugin List

Plugin Name Version Description Substitue (Snow Leopard)
AmCommentCMX 2.1 shows/changes comment of file/folder
AmCopyPathCMX 2.1/2.0 copies/shows file/folder path with Unix/HFS/URL format Get File Path Automator Action
AmDeleteDS_StoreCMX 2.0 removes .DS_Store files in the selected folders
AmFileDateCMX 2.0 shows/copies file/folder time stamp
AmFileOwnerCMX 2.0 shows/copies owner/group/permission of a file/folder
AmFileSizeCMX 2.0 shows/copies file/folder size
AmFileTypeCMX 2.0 shows/copies file type/creator/extension
AmOpenUsingCMX 2.0.1 opens the items using one of the pre-registered applications
AmScriptFileCMX 2.0.1 converts script file to Mac OS 9 compatible format
AmScriptsCMX 2.1/2.0.2 launches a script/workflow in the Scripts folders
AmSetFileTypeCMX 2.0.1 changes file type/creator/extension
AmSwapForksCMX 2.0 swaps data fork and resource fork
AmTouchCMX 2.1 changes file/folder time stamp Touch Files Automator Action
AmVisibilityCMX 2.0 changes the visible attribute of file/folder
AmZapForksCMX 2.1/2.0 removes resource/data fork Zap Resource Forks Automator Action

Last updated: 2009-09-28

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