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DupScan Version History

2.4.1 2009-09
  • system requirements changed from Mac OS X 10.2 or later to Mac OS X 10.3 or later
  • image-Interpolation behavior added to image preview
  • deprecated APIs changed to new APIs
  • bug fixed: progress sheet does not dismiss on Snow Leopard
  • bug fixed: cannot display help or cannot search keyword while some conditions.
2.4 2008-04
  • application and document icons changed.
  • preview item on drawer now responds to double click to open the file.
  • window size and/or location automatically adjusted when drawer opened/closed.
2.3.1 2008-01
  • System requirements for Universal Binary version from 10.4 or later to 10.2 or later.
  • Bug fixed: "Get Info", "Reveal" commands not work at Target Folders list.
  • Bug fixed: crashed when "Get Info", "Reveal", "Open", "Open with"commands operation for the item which has been renamed/removed/moved
2.3 2007-09
  • Universal binary version released.
  • use preview resource if an image file has it.
  • date and time format changed.
  • Search option name changed from "Exclude invisible files" to "Exclude invisible files & folders"
  • deprecated APIs replaced to new APIs.
2.2 2006-09
  • filtering by file types option added.
2.1.2 2005-05
  • bug fixed: illegal file scan executed.
  • bug fixed: some file icons do not display on the list.
  • bug fixed: can't open 'Get Info' window for a symbolic link (Tiger).
2.1.1 2005-04
  • item count display added on the progress sheet when calculating CRC/getting pathnames
  • symbolic link item has underlined name and icon with link-arrow
  • alert cannot access folder detected.
  • bug fixed: some applications (CFBundleTypeRole is None) are not enabled in "Open with" menu.
  • bug fixed: there is a condition not to calcel searching.
  • bug fixed: drag & drop error occured while somo conditions.
  • bug fixed: cannot drop an alias of folder to target folders list.
  • bug fixed: cannot drop an alias of application to applications list on the Preferences.
  • bug fixed: cannot choose an alias of application from "Add Applications" panel.
2.1 2005-03
  • application, document and tool bar item icons have been changed.
  • "Search" and "List" menus added.
  • "Remove from List" command added to List menu.
  • "Move to Trash" and "Remove from List" at group list now can't use.
  • show/hide trash items in the list of duplicates mode added
  • "Invert Selection" command added in Edit menu
  • progress display changed
  • inform process end by sound
  • change text color of a list item to red when file not exists.
  • bug fixed: crash at start up after deleting registered applications
  • bug fixed: Crash when some column of list moved
  • bug fixed: Cannot perform the command "Add Applications" on menu and tool bar
  • bug fixed: Cannot perform the command "Delete" at the trash list.
  • bug fixed: Contextual menu error while list has no items
  • bug fixed: illegal progress bar display when re-update list of duplicates
  • bug fixed: Illegal preview display at opening a window (Mac OS X 10.2.x)
2.0 2005-01
  • on-line help added.
  • changing user interface
  • trash in the document
  • document-based application
  • preview
  • open with specified application
  • search List (only Mac OS X 10.3 and later)
  • copy
  • delete
  • deselect All
  • speed up operation of selection (only Mac OS X 10.3 and later)
  • multiple undo/redo
1.1 2004-04
  • some selecting commands added.
  • can sort items.
  • custmize display items.
  • "Get Info" added.
  • make fast to expand/collpase item of outline view.
  • count of selected items display added.
1.0 2003-11 initial release

Last updated: 2009-09-29

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